What is most popular Nissan Model in motorsport drifting competitions?

All-Time Most Popular Nissan 240SX (S10/S13/S14)-gen in Drifting

Many Drifters get excited about the massive aftermarket parts available for the 240SX, the Nissan 240SX has a well balanced chassis meaning the rear-wheel-drive is 50/50 and competes with popular Nissan models like the Nissan Skyline GTR. The Nissan 240SX are not considered to be rare and are known for being very affordable and upgradable. Nissan in the first-year of producing the American-spec Nissan 240SX, sold more than 25,000 units in total. The Nissan 240SX was sold in all markets Europe, America, Australia, and Japan and did very well in popularity. The Nissan 204SX, especially generations built in the 1990s (Silvias S13-S14) are still in great demand because of their popularity. The first-generation (S10) American-Spec 240SX was more powerful 2.0-liter with an inline-four engine when compared to a 1.8-liter engine offered in Japan. The Nissan 240SX S13 generation is still considered the most popular drift Nissan Model to have been produced and commonly modified by drifters world-wide.

Most Popular Silvia Model in Drifting Nissan 200SX S15

The Nissan 200SX S15 was discontinued in 2002 however became the most popular Silvia and can be found for a price between ten-thousand to twenty-thousand dollars in the USA. The Nissan 200SX S15 comes with a rear-wheel-drive drivetrain similar to the 350Z, and 370Z.

The 200SX S15 was significantly different from the previous generation of the 200SX. It had a more aggressive body kit and a wider stance. The normal cost of a wide-body kit install could be as much as $8K when upgrading paint, wrap, coilovers and wheels. The 200SX S15 was also the first Nissan car to be sold with a factory-installed body kit.

The 200SX S15 was very well-received by the automotive press and was praised for its handling and performance. It was also praised for its stylish design which is an iconic JDM for both the exported US market and Japan's market.

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