Best 5 Nissan Vehicles for Drifting in 2022?

Top Nissan Vehicles

Nissan 200SX

The Nissan 200SX is 2nd generation basis for Nissan's S-platform and with the KA24 engine being a part of the Nissan S14 240SX models.

Nissan 350Z

A used 350Z is available under $10,000 and a perfect car to use for drifting on a budget. The 350Z Engine is fully loaded with a 3.5L V-6 motor six-speed transmission manual and the chassis design has a perfect ratio of front and rear weight to be able to drift.

Nissan S13

A Nissan S13 has a rear-wheel drivetrain perfect for drifting due to the power placement being most effective. The Nissan S13 Engine has SR20DET with 300 horse-power with a 5 speed transmission.

Nissan S14

For a beginner in Drifting, Nissan S14, Nissan S13, and Nissan S15 are great platforms for Drifting. The Nissan S14 can also be called "Zenki" or "Kouki" or at least that was determined by when it was made, earlier or later. Nissan S14 owners have a great selection of parts to choose between and loads of helpful information.

Nissan Skyline R33

The 1996 Nissan Skyline R33 was seen in California for use in Tokyo Drift. Drifters recommend the chassis S13/S14 Skyline and or R32 Skyline for drifting competitions. R33's are rarely used for drifting due to the heavy weight and expensive parts.

Additional Nissan Model's For Drifting

Nissan 240SX Zenki

The Nissan 240SX Zenki has rounded headlights compared to the more aggressive headlights the Nissan 240SX Kouki. Based on your geo-location the named would be called 'Nissan 200SX' in Europe, NZ and Australia. In Japan the name of the car would be called 'Silvia' or '200SX'. In North America the name of the car would be 240SX.

Nissan 240SX Kouki (Nissan 200SX)

Kouki features sharper, aggressive headlights than a Nissan 240SX Zenki. The Nissan 240SX Kouki comes with a different engine than a Nissan 240SX Zenki an 'SR20DE' Engine or a more powerful Engine 'SR20DET'. One engine has a 'Red Top' and the other is a 'Black Top'.

Nissan 200SX 15

The Nissan 200SX S15 is a sports car that was produced by Nissan between 1999 and 2002. It was the last model of the Nissan S platform to be sold in North America. The 200SX S15 is commonly referred to as the "Silvia" in North America.

The 200SX S15 was available in two different body styles: a coupe and a convertible. The convertible was only available in Japan, while the coupe was available worldwide. The 200SX S15 was powered by a 1.6-liter inline-four engine (SR20DE) that produced 180 horsepower and a ball bearing turbocharger engine (SR20DET) produced up to 250 horsepower. It was available with a five-speed manual transmission or a four-speed automatic transmission.

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