Short Story: What Does JDM Stand For?

What Does JDM Stand For?

An Automotive market of Japan also known as the Japanese Domestic Market. Japanese Car owners are a unique bunch of car owners besides your normal every day citizens in Tokyo, Japan looking to purchase vehicles.

In the late 90s JDM became a phenomena like no other car culture around the world and not to mention the popular japan street racing groups in rural japan and are best known for their high speeds.

When JDM Japanese cars debuted their existence they ended the age of American muscle cars.

How did street racing influence the Japanese Domestic Market?

The popularity of underground racing teams began during the time of JDM. You may have heard of japans most famous street racing team Midnight Club. This elite group of races had pushed the value of the Japanese Domestic Market to highs like never before.

An active racing club with strict code of ethics during the 1980s eventually caused havoc for the japanese police which in return increased the overall value of Japanese vehicles during the 90s.

What does Hashiriya mean?

This is a term used to describe japanese vehicle owners who enjoy driving vehicles and even motorcycles at very high speeds on highways, or windy roads in the mountain tops. Many Hashiriya drive excel at touge racing in japan. The most popular vehicles driven by Hashiriya were the Supra, RX-7, Skyline GT-R, and Silvia. Many Hashiriya sought to compete with their driving skills and maintained a strict code of ethics for racing on public roads in Japan.

What does kaminari-zoku mean?

This is a term used to describe japanese street races in the 1960s who did not follow any strict code of ethics for racing on public roads in Japan and in many cases includes the use of violence for control.

Are JDM cars expenseive?

The price of JDM vehicles have skyrocketed due to fans of older japanese vehicles and how rare they have become to find outside of japan.

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