Best Slammed JDM Cars Of All Time

What are the best (Japan Domestic Market) JDM Slammed Cars?

JDM Japanese sports cars are modified with air suspension or pressurized air. Companies like AirRex and Air Lift Performance have found a way to replace springs on their JDM Vehicles with airbags. The ride height of Japanese sports vehicles when the airbag pressures change, is known as a "Slammed" or "Stance" JDM car.

Are all JDM Slammed Cars Manual?

Manual JDM vehicles are rare to find and will have a JDM 5 Speed or 6 Speed Manual Transmission. The Most Common JDM cars are sold with an automatic gearbox.

Here are a few of the best JDM Slammed cars with a 4 Speed Automatic Transmission.

Slammed Toyota Chaser

The JDM vehicle Toyota Chaser has a body code JZX100 and was built/produced in 1996.

JDM Toyota Chaser

Slammed Toyota Aristo

The JDM vehicle Toyota Aristo has a body code JZS161 and was built/produced in 1991.

JDM Toyota Aristo Grey

JDM Toyota Aristo

Slammed Toyota Crown Majesta

The JDM vehicle Toyota Crown Majesta has a body code UZS186 C-Type and was built/produced in 1955.

JDM Toyota Crown Majesta

Do JDM Slammed Cars Have Reliable Motors?

Overall the reliability, condition, and the low mileage of JDM engines have an impact how long they will last.

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