Guide For Nitrogen Filled Tires vs Non-Nitrogen (AIR) Tires

What are the benefits of Nitrogen Filled Tires?

If you are looking to keep your tires inflated for a longer amount of time or perhaps you live where temperatures are constantly changing or during the summer or cold winter season, Nitrogen Tires may be your best option for improved tire pressure. Nitrogen's slower moving molecules will expand overtime while your tires get warmed leading to more consistent air pressures in your tire setup with far less leakage of particles then non-nitrogen air. Your gas mileage may benefit from Nitrogen filled tires due to properly inflated tires and your tires may overall have a better extended life. Nitrogen is often offered as an add-on at your dealership. Visit your local dealership for pricing and upgrade options.

What are the benefits of Non-Nitrogen (AIR) Filled Tires?

If you are not looking for a complicated solution to your tire pressure, you can keep your normal vehicle tires on AIR. Having a vehicle with proper air pressure levels in each tire is more important.

Refilling Your Non-Nitrogen (AIR) Filled Tires?

You will find AIR to be readily available at your local gas station, this will saving you a trip to your dealership.

How To Refill Your Nitrogen Filled Tires?

Each tire is $30 in order to drain the existing AIR then refill with Nitrogen, however if your vehicle is new, the cost can be anywhere from $70 - $179 dollars depending on your local dealership. Refilling your Nitrogen Filled Tires will have an extra cost of maintenance. To keep your vehicle maintained after the initial Nitrogen being filled, it will cost around $5 - $7 per tire anytime you need a new Refill.

Can You Mix Nitrogen And AIR (Non-Nitrogen)?

You can mix both Nitrogen and Oxygen without an adverse effect however you may lose some of the benefits of nitrogen by changing the percentage of Nitrogen available in the tires.

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