How to Fix a Flat Tire like a Professional

Start Fixing Your Flat Tire With The Correct Tools

Always make sure to have the correct tools to fix your vehicle's Flat Tire. If your vehicle comes with a Jack, make sure you can access it.

You will need a Lug Wrench and Fully Inflated Spare Tire. Most Vehicles will store these valueable tools in the Trunk, or on the Rear Door of the vehicle.

How To Change a Flat Tire Like A Pro

First make sure your car is parked in a safe location far away from traffic before you begin working on your flat tire. Then make sure to turn ON your vehicle's hazards. Lastly, Go ahead and set your vehicle's Parking Brake to engaged.

Check Your Vehicle Owner's Manual For Detailed Instructions

Always Make sure to follow your Vehicle Owner’s Manual for specific placing of the Jack under your vehicle.

If you need further instruction, refer to your vehicle's Owner's Manuel for detailed instructions before driving your vehicle.

Steps You Should Do Before You Have A Flat Tire

Always be sure to review your Vehicle Owner’s Manual before operating your vehicle.

This can help you be prepared for any issue that may occur while on the road.

If your vehicle did not come with the either a Jack or Lug Wrench please purchase these tools as soon as possible. These are handy tools that will help you when diseaster happens.

Turn Your Wrench Counterclockwise To Loosen Each Lug Nut and Fix Your Flat Tire

Be ready to use your full body weight or foot to loosen the lug nuts as these lug nuts are very tight.

Setting Up Your Vehicle Jack Like A Pro

Be sure to place vehicle's Jack underneath the metal frame of your vehicle and raise the vehicle.

Many vehicles will allow you to place your vehicle's Jack in Front of the Rear Tire or Behind the Front Tire.

Now once you have your Vehicle Lifted a few feet into the air sitting on your vehicle's Jack. You can begin the actual work of replacing the flat tire.

Once Successful Replace Your Flat Tire with a Fully Inflated Spare Tire.

You should first remove each lug nut from the flat tire and replace your flat tire with a Fully Inflated Spare Tire.

Always Be sure to keep all your lug nuts together for later.

Once you have replaced your spare tire. Hand-tighten each lug nut clockwise until they are firm. Then lower the vehicle using your Jack until the wheel touches the ground.

Turn Your Wrench Clockwise to Tighten each Lug Nut.

Now use your Wrench to finish tightening each lug nut firmly.

Once you have completely tightened each lug nut, you can safely lower the vehicle to the ground with the jack.

Remove the jack safely away from your vehicle and clean up any tools.

At this point, you have changed the Flat Tire and will need to take your vehicle to your local Automotive Shop for further service.

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