The 10 Secrets You Need to Know About JDM Engines

Ten Secrets To Know Before Purchasing A Pre-Owned JDM Engine

Determine the JDM Engine Block Size and Engine Type

When shopping to buy a used engine, always remember to check the size of the engine block (Short Block Engine or Long Block Engine) before purchase. Are you interested in buying a Short Block engine or Long Block engine? You will want to make sure the new engine will be compatible and will fit without having to make modifications.

Don't Forget to Verify the "VIN Engine Code" for your JDM vehicle

Check your VIN contains the engine code as well as the date of manufacture. Check the sticker on the driver’s side door, dashboard of the car at the bottom of the windshield which is seen from the outside of the vehicle and the actual engine block.

You will also find the VIN on the underside of the hood or your vehicle's paperwork such as the insurance card associated with the vehicle.

Check For A Used JDM Engine Warranty

Always ask about Warranty when buying a used engine. A warranty that only lasts for 90 days is too short.

Check Spark Plugs and Radiator Condition

Always be on the lookout for spark plugs, oil or left-over radiator fluid when purchasing a JDM vehicle. A mixture of oil and water in the radiator could be very bad. JDM Engine suppliers want to keep your business.

Japanese Vehicle Inspections

While in Japan, vehicle owners must submit their vehicles for Inspection every two years. In order to save money, due to the expensive inspection, Japanese Owners will sell used JDM engines at affordable costs.

Check For A Used JDM Transmission Warranty

Many suppliers will offer a used JDM Transmission Warranty for up to a few months. Look for a good Warranty on pre-owned transmissions before purchasing.

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