How do you build your first vehicle into a drift car?

Five Tips Preparing Your Vehicle For Drifting and Building Your first Drifting Vehicle Ever.

Preparing Your Vehicle For Drifting By Replacing Any and All Worn Parts

A car older than 15 years will have many worn down parts due to weathering and heavy use. Make sure to take the time needed to replace all and any Worn Parts. Drifting creates lots of stress and heat on multiple engine parts, for example you may see damage to your suspension and clutch. The least likely engine part to become damaged after drifting corners is the Turbo, due its ability to handle high temperatures. Outer damages may also occur when the driver is drifting. Drift cars may be missing bumpers or even headlights due to damage from drifting sessions.

Refresh All Suspension Parts On Your Vehicle

Throw on your vehicle a set of BC Racing Coilovers with a spring rate of 10/8. It is common to see a BR type coilover set used for street and occasional on the track. For a beginners budget, ER type is more adjustable than BR type coilovers and for pure track use go with the ZR type coilover. The ZR type coilovers are to be used only on the Track not Street.

Pass All MOT Emission Tests For Your Vehicle

Go ahead and Check Brake Fluid and Make Sure Your Tires Have Enough Tread. Feel free to Test Your Vehicle's Horn and Check For Enough Engine Oil before doing anything else. Also Do not forget to review your Windscreen. These are only a few tips for Passing your MOT Emission Test/Check.

Get Your Vehicle A Full Track Alignment

An Alignment is not a part of a regular maintenance program and is considered to be a repair to your vehicle. Check to see if your car's alignment is off by seeing and pulling to one direction or the other. Check to see if your tire is uneven, this will affect your drift vehicles alignment. Older vehicles may not hold alignments well. Make sure to be using the proper equipment for alignments as newer equipment will have a better result.

Next Up Get To Visiting Tracks

Look for local drift track requirements that meet your vehicle spec. All drivers are expected to wear the correct clothing. Always make sure to wear Closed Toe Shoes and Long Pants. You should also expect to be wearing a sleeved shirt with your racing helmet. All Drivers must be able to demonstrate speed with their drifting vehicles and showcase their ability to control their vehicles.

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