Toyota Reveals The 100 Edition Toyota GR Supra GT4

A Newly Released Plasma Orange 100 Edition Toyota GR Supra GT4

Toyota will celebrate the production of a 100 units with a limited edition commemorative GR Supra.

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 is designed to compete in various GT4 racing series around the world. The GR Supra GT4 100 Edition will aim to bring excitement to its customers through the motorsports.

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 and GR Supra GT4 EVO were developed in response to the trust and enthusiasm of customers who desired a high-performance race car. These vehicles were designed to enable racing teams worldwide to achieve success in motorsport competitions, making them accessible and competitive options in the world of GT4 racing.

Plasma Orange Toyota GR Supra

Only three units will be produced in the world. Asia, Europe and North America.

Toyota Gazoo Racing (GR) Reveals Plasma Orange

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 boasts a host of custom enhancements, including a larger bonnet vent, newly added dive plane aero devices, a muffler-free exhaust system, carbon fiber wing mirrors, and even a passenger seat. Importantly, its explicitly designed with collectors and Toyota enthusiasts in mind.

Plasma Orange

The GR Supra will have a brand new exhaust system that will amplify the sound of the 3.0L six-cylinder turbocharged engine.

The Toyota GR Supra GT4 boasts a range of performance-enhancing features, including aerodynamic upgrades like a sizable rear wing and front splitter. These modifications are meticulously designed to maximize downforce and stability, ensuring peak performance even at high speeds.

Under the hood, the GR Supra GT4 typically houses a racing-spec transmission, often equipped with a sequential gearbox. This configuration enables swift and precise gear changes, crucial for competitive racing.

To fine-tune its handling characteristics, the cars suspension system is specially tuned for racing, incorporating adjustable components. This allows racers to customize the cars setup to suit different tracks and driving conditions.

Inside, the interior is purpose-built for the rigors of racing. Its stripped down to its essentials and equipped with racing-specific gear, including a specialized racing seat, harness, and a comprehensive roll cage. These safety features prioritize driver safety, ensuring they are well-protected during intense races.

Toyota GR Supra GT4 100 Edition Pricing

The price of the Toyota GR Supra GT4 mentioned in your provided text is €220,000 without taxes or $236,000 USD. The $236,000 USD race car is expected to have the same power as the 440 hp GR Supra GT4 EVO. Teams and privateers can purchase the Toyota GR Supra GT4 directly from Toyota Gazoo Racing.

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