Ultimate Auto Guide Meguiars or 3M

Auto Detailing Vehicles - Megs (Meguiar's) vs 3M

It may be difficult to choose which auto detailing wax is best for your vehicle. Let's break down both Meguiars and 3M for a comparison. Are you using Meguiar's or M3 products on your vehicle?

Which compound is better for removing scratches? Meguiars or 3M

In the year 2008, the company 3M purchased Meguiar's in an acquisition deal. Due to 3M's brand having an advantage in logistics, world wide shipping and world wide warehousing, Megs (Meguiar's) was bought-out by 3M.

Both Meguiars and 3M are high performance auto detailing brands with specialized product lines for premium cleaning and scratch removal.

3M has a collection of product lines and is known best for it's auto detailing solution named "perfect-it" wax. Meguiar's products are known to have a higher abrasion ability when compared with 3M's premium cleaning and scratch removal products.

Meguiar's Super Micro-abrasive Technology or 3M Professional-Grade Formulas

Are you interested either M3 or Meguiar's product lines for protecting your automotive surfaces? Both 3M and Meguiar's are unique and popular brands in the auto detailing world and both offer different levels of protection for your automotive surfaces. Grab yourself a new Meguiar’s Supreme Shine Microfibre Cloth and begin to remove residue easily. 3M’s Automotive Aftermarket Division offers a line of highly specialized cleaning products, waxes, compounds and even adhesives for auto body repair professionals and auto enthusiasts.

Meguiars or 3M (M105/M205) / (perfect-it) Wax

Just before waxing go ahead and use a bit of (IHG) M3 imperial hand glaze or Meguiar's M07 to start off gentle and move up to a stronger processes/compounds if needed. Meguiar's and 3M provides the highest performance products for enthusiasts in the detailing world. Meguiar's product M105 includes a super micro-abrasive technology which allows for a consistent cut from start to finish helping finish the job in less time. The Meguiar's M105 product has the ability to remove sanding marks, and even light scratches due to the super micro-abrasive technology.

The 3M Perfect-It Gelcoat Light Cutting Polish + Wax removes medium scratches, and even finer scratches up to P1500 and leaves a polished wax finish. Meguiar's M205 is known for their ability to do heavy paint correction and can remove non-diminishing abrasives up to 2000 grit.

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