Everything You Wanted to Know About Toyota Gr86 Exhaust

Which Toyota GR86 Exhausts Sounds Better? Were You Afraid To Ask.


The Fujitsubo A-R Dual Exhaust offers 6 Horsepower Gains with Dual Single-Walled Slash Cut Tips. The overall piping is 65mm and includes a 101.6mm in diameter for the tips. Built from Stainless Steel, the Fujitsubo A-R Dual Exhaust makes noise. Installing the Fujitsubo Exhaust requires hardware that is bundled and included in purchase at Fujitsubo A-R Dual Exhaust - Toyota GR86.

Continuously striving to improve the driving experience by refining the design and engineering of our exhaust systems. By meticulously adjusting factors such as exhaust pipe diameter, muffler design, and sound-enhancing technologies, the aim is to create a exhaust sound that is slightly more aggressive than the previous generations system. This allows us to deliver a unique auditory experience that aligns with the performance and character of our vehicles, enhancing the overall appeal and satisfaction of our customers.


The Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust offers Blue Flame aesthetic with a noise less than 80db at idle, and 94-101db at 5RPM. The overall piping is 70mm and includes a R1TITAN BTail 115mm in diameter for the tips. Built from a Full Titanium Muffler originally made in Japan and available for purchase at Evasive Motorsports - Amuse R1 Titan Exhaust - Toyota GR86


The Borla 140496 Cat-Back Exhaust offers a deep sounding startup, no droaning at high speeds and independently adjustedable tips. The overall front piping is 63.5mm (2.50 inches) and 50.8 (2 inches) in dimeter between the split-rea pipes for the tips. Backpressure is minimized to boost performance and maximize exhaust flow, with tuned mufflers for high quality exhaust tones. Built from a Full Stainless Steel and extra corrosion resistance available for purchase at Borla 140496 Cat-Back Exhaust - Toyota GR86

For those seeking a high-quality exhaust tone, I highly recommend considering a performance exhaust system. These systems are designed to deliver a deep and resonant sound, adding a thrilling and aggressive tone to your vehicle. With superior craftsmanship and precision engineering, they provide a balanced combination of rich bass notes and exhilarating high-end frequencies. Upgrade your exhaust to enjoy a driving experience that not only sounds impressive but also enhances the overall performance and aesthetic appeal of your vehicle.

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