Six Japanese Auto Parts You Should Import To The US

Japanese Body Kits

The first reason to import Auto Parts directly from Japan. Partly due to the amount of selection available in japan and not currently available in the US.

An JDM Automotive Parts Shop named "Artisan Spirits" has a huge selection of aftermarket custom body kits for Toyota, Nissan, Honda, Mercedes, Porsche and Lexus.

Parts are available to be imported to the USA from Japan. The JDM Body Shop is kind enough to offer parts, such as front under spoilers, side under spoilers, rear diffusers, and even trunk spoilers.

Japanese Wheel Lock & Nut Sets

The Japanese Shop named "Artisan Spirits" (JDM) has a collection of aftermarket Wheel Lock & Nut Sets ranging between color options such as "Chrome" and "black".

Japanese Custom Steering Wheels

An Automotive Brand in Japan is called "MOMO" which offers the perfect set of steering wheels. These are parts that can be imported to the US. "MOMO Steering Wheels" are perfect for enhancing your car with JDM style.

Japanese Aftermarket Wheels

Wheels need to be a perfect combination of performance, construction quality and design and "OZ RACING" is a brand that handles just that.

Automotive Maintenance Lubricants

A famous Automotive Brand in Japan known for creating advanced lubricants, headquartered in Tokyo, provides optimum fuel economy with maximum power is "ENEOS". This japanese company has worked with Japan’s automakers and developed engine and transmission oils for most of Asia.

Japanese Rims

The Japanese shop named "Artisan Spirits" (JDM) has a collection of rims they recommend with their body kits. A few rims that pair well with "Artisan Spirits" body kits are from the brand "OZ RACING", an Italian lightweight Alloy Wheels company.

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